How can I get my account verified?

How can I get my account verified?

We’re sure you’re super proud of your account and eager to apply… There are a couple of things you can do to make sure your application has a better chance: Check out the criteria we have chosen for accounts worthy of being verified.

If you’re not there yet, do not despair! Use the next couple of months to build up your account…

If you’re ready, you may want to find out what happens next (to better prepare you) before sending us your application.


Please consider:

Of course, as special as we think each of our users are, it's not possible to verify everyone. Please know that we will take all requests into consideration, but not all requests will be granted.


Note: Please do NOT send verification requests to our Help Profile or other social networks. Those requests will not be reviewed or granted. Please submit a ticket to be considered for verification.

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