How does ASKfm work?

How does ASKfm work?

ASKfm is a global social network where you can ask anyone your burning questions, anonymously or publicly.

Want to know more about your best friend or your crush? Looking for good advice on how to handle life's little challenges? Just want to ask an inspiring person you've never met on the other side of the world about their lives? Go for it! Others will ask you in return, about anything. The more interesting your answers, the more your followership will grow.

But here's what's unique - you and only you are in control on which questions are answered and show up on your profile. Can't think of a good answer? Movin' on. Unanswered questions will not appear on your profile. But on the other side, everything that you do answer, is public. It's like your personal answer blog. We thought that's pretty cool.

Remember: ALL content on ASKfm is completely public!

You can always delete anything on your profile, at any time.

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