How can I see my followers?

How can I see my followers?

Right now, following on ASKfm is anonymous. But you, and only you, can see the number of followers you have.

There are some benefits to not seeing your followers! Got a crush on somebody and want to see what they’re up to? Go ahead and follow them! Better yet, ask them a question anonymously and get to know them better without the pressure of revealing your identity.

If you're really itching to know who's following you, then you might get some hints by looking at who's liking your answers. If somebody likes your answer, then chances are, they're following you (but not always!). 

Not good enough? We know some users just want to know who’s following them. We always welcome user feedback, and believe it or not, ASKfm has made adjustments based on suggestions from our users! So feel free to send a note to our Support Team. They'll be happy to pass along any feedback you have to our Product Team!

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