Criteria for being considered for the blue badge

Criteria for being considered for the blue badge

Here are some things we look for (in no particular order):

  • Activity… Are you an active user? If not start answering a couple of questions daily for at least several months.
  • Positivity… We’re all about spreading good vibes and are looking for people who think the same way we do. If you send or have sent negative questions or answered questions promoting negativity, we won't verify you.
  • Popularity… We think people who are active and positive are most often popular. You are then reaching a whole bunch of others to share your wisdom and happiness.
  • Authenticity… We want you, the real you. You know how we feel about fakes or impersonation or bullying (see our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use).
  • Uniqueness… We dig people who ask unique questions and give creative answers. That’s you! We want more of it…


Some tips:

  • If your profile does not have your photo, then chances are we won't verify it. (It’s all about authenticity…!)
  • It’s about how you’re acting… If your profile consists of exchanging likes with others or gaming for followers, we won’t verify you. (It’s uniqueness we’re after…!)
  • If you have received lots of violation notifications in the past month, this may prevent you from getting the blue badge. (Positivity, remember…)


And then again…

If you know of somebody who is just like this (even if you’re not there yet), promote them!

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